Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pay what you want?

hey guys check this out. radiohead's new album is out starting today for download oct. 10th- why am i writing about this- b/c they are doing something never before in the music business- they are allowing you to pay whatever you want for the album. that's right you want to pay a penny? it's yours. want to pay 5 bux- it's up to you. however be careful if you're like me and not good at math remember that you have to pay in british pounds but there's a conversion tool link on their site. i ended up paying about 5 british pounds or 10 bux american cause the idea was so great. How do they do it? well they were fed up with people paying so much for their music that they made the album themself no production company at all. are they going to make a lot of $$$$ probably not but i dont think thats their point.

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